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Congregation Magen David of Manhattan


Congregation Magen David of Manhattan, a synagogue practicing the Sephardic liturgical custom and striving to serve Sepharadim of diverse origins and age-groups living in downtown Manhattan. Through Torah-classes and a range of kindness and social events, CMDM seeks to foster a tight-knit community and to nourish the cultural and creative aspects of our tradition.

177 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012

2014-5775 Holiday Seats

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Membership 2014-2015

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Holiday Schedule


Aseret Yeme Teshuba Selihot Shahrit Minha & Arbit
Mon. & Thurs. 6:35 AM 7:20 AM 6:15 PM
Tues. & Weds. 6:45 AM 7:30 AM 6:15 PM

Yom Kippur Schedule
Friday, October 3, 2014 
Ereb Yom Kippur

Selihot 6:45 AM
Shahrit 7:30 AM
Minha (with Tefillin) 2:00 PM
Candle Lighting 6:15 PM
Fast Begins 6:20 PM
Kal Nidre 6:30 PM

Saturday, October 4, 2014 - 
Yom Kippur

Shahrit 8:30 AM
Musaf 12:00 PM
Minha 4:30 PM
Ne'ilah Services 6:00 PM
Arbit 7:00 PM
Fast Ends - Habdalah 7:08 PM
Birkat Halebana - Blessing on the Moon

Please join us for a delicious dairy break fast following Yom Kippur services.

To help sponsor our break fast please email

Thu, 2 October 2014 8 Tishrei 5775