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Congregation Magen David of Manhattan

Welcome to Congregation Magen David of Manhattan

Or CMDM, as our friends call us.

CMDM is a Sephardic synagogue which serves Jews of diverse origins and age groups living in downtown Manhattan by offering 3-times daily minyanim in the Sephardic liturgical and ritual custom; daily classes in Torah, Jewish law, history, and philosophy; and regular opportunities for intellectual nourishment, social gathering, and acts of hesed. 










CMDM emphasizes unity (ahdut), and welcomes Jews of all backgrounds to join our services and become an active part of our growing community. The centrality of our location, nestled on a quiet block between the historic Greenwich Village and world-famous Soho, attracts thousands of diverse Jews from around the world seeking a warm and inviting religious environment. 

We offer a place of sanctuary and gathering where prayer and friendship are cherished. Our proximity to many of the nation’s leading universities allows us unprecedented access to a young and enlightened student and faculty population that is increasingly seeking a vibrant Jewish communal life, coupled with Torah observance in the classical Sephardic tradition.

The scholarship that we offer at CMDM encourages broad thinking, and addresses the lasting contributions of Rabbis and scholars. At CMDM we are dedicated to the promotion of positive Jewish values which define our mission of inclusion, kindness, integrity, and scholarship.

Shabbat and Shabuot Schedule

Friday, May 22nd 
Minha & Arbit 7:00 PM 
Candle Lighting 7:53 PM 

Saturday, May 23rd 
Shahrit 9:00 AM
Followed by Kiddush
Minha 7:30 PM 
Light Seudat Shelishit 7:55 PM 
Arbit 8:25 PM 
Shabuot Dinner 9:00 PM 
Tikun Leil Shabuot 10:00PM-1:00 AM 
Candle Lighting After 
8:49 PM 

Class with Yaniv Hassoun on Pirkei Avot at 6:15 PM 

Sunday, May 24th 
First Day of Hag
Shahrit 9:00 AM
Followed by Kiddush and Afternoon Learning/Class 
Azharot 6:30 PM 
Minha & Arbit 7:00 PM 
Candle Lighting After 
8:49 PM 

Monday, May 25th 
Second Day of Hag 
Shahrit 9:00 AM 
Followed by Kiddush
Azharot 7:30 PM 
Minha 7:50 PM (Sunset 8:15PM)
Arbit 8:30 PM 
Habdalah/ End of Holiday 8:50 PM


Our Location

Sun, 24 May 2015 6 Sivan 5775