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We would like to thank all of our incredible donors for their ongoing contributions in helping us do what we love the most and are always grateful to receive your generous support.

Interested in giving back to the community?

Donate today and take an active role in moving our activities forward.


General Donation                     $18 - $180
Breakfast weekday                             $180
Seudah Shelishit                                   $260
Student Membership                           $301
Friday Night Mazza                              $360

Breakfast for the Week                       $501

Saturday Mazza                                     $613

Single Membership                               $701   

Morning Weekday Classes                $720  

Spirits for the Month                             $1,000

Family Membership                              $1,501

Shabbat Kiddush                                   $1,800

Singles Friday Night Bazara              $2,600

Singles Specialty Event                        $3,000

Hesed Event                                              $5,000
Rent for a month                                     $10,000

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