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As a Congregation, we emphasize unity and welcome Jews to join our services and become an active part of our community. The centrality of our location in downtown Manhattan attracts thousands of diverse Jews from around the world seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere where prayer and friendship are cherished.  Our proximity to many of the nation’s leading universities allows us unprecedented access to a young and enlightened student population that is increasingly seeking a vibrant Jewish communal life, coupled with Torah observance in the classical Sephardic tradition. 

Weekly Prayer Schedul
Monday- Friday
Shaharit 7:45 AM
Sunday Shaharit 9:00 AM
Breakfast this week is available for sponsorship. 
Daily Minha/Arbit 6:30 PM 


Friday, May 31
7:10 PM Prayers
8:02 PM Candle Lighting

Saturday, June 1
9:00 AM Shaharit
7:25 PM Followed by Seudat Shelishit
9:01PM Habdalah

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