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Rabbi Mamane Weekly Shabbat Dvar Torah

January 21, 2021

Shabbat Bo-Listen Here

My Sermon for the Week: Let My People Go? The Incorrect Retelling of the Exodus Story

January, 16, 2021

Shabbat Vaera-Listen Here

My Shabbat Sermon: The Volatility of Human Change

January 2, 2021

Shabbat Vayehi -Listen Here

Parashat Vayehi to the New Calendar Year: Sudden Ends and Sudden Beginnings.

January 8, 2021

Shabbat Shemot -Listen Here

Human Rights: Contrasting the

Shepherds of Israel and the Pharaohs of Egypt.

December  25, 2020 

Shabbat Vayigash-Listen Here

The relationship between today's Fast of Tevet, and tomorrow's Parashat Vayigash - Exile and Reconciliation.

December  18, 2020 

Shabbat Mikess-Listen Here

Title: Three Unique Lights; Hanukkah, Shabbat, and Motzaei Shabbat. It explores the unique symbolism of these three lights and relates it to the astonishing Jewish contributions to the Covid-19 vaccines.

November 27, 2020 

Shabbat Vayesse-Listen Here

Torah's approach to heroes and villains.

I also have a written Debar Torah to be published in the weekly email.

December  3, 2020 

Shabbat Vayishlah-Listen Here

Title: A Perspective on Warfare


The Volatility of Human Change

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